Perfect – Short Film

Paul has a new girl, Inara. She embodies everything he could ever ope for and that is to some degree frightening. He is haunted by the memory of Aurora. He can only remember the bad times with her but most importantly the night he took her to her bosses party. That is what he cannot forget. He relives that night in vivid detail. Her sitting alone and not talking to anyone. Introducing her to Anna, his bosses wife who played along as she always does. He knew he shouldn’t have taken her but something compelled him. Just like he felt compelled when he walked in on her and Mr. Ellis, his boss. Nothing could have prepared him for that. But perhaps, now recalling the events of that night he can begin to understand what Anna meant when he confronted her about her husband. even now sitting with Inara in what he can only describe as bliss he can see that what he wants, may not be what he needs.