About Edward Burgos

I remember the moment I realized that this was everything I wanted to do with my life. An epiphany of sorts, although now I know that it had been brewing inside me for a long time, but regardless it’s a good yarn. I was standing in a bus, sweating profusely on my way to teach a class on a scorching Madrid summer day. For some reason, I had printed off a chapter from a text book on how light travels through a lens into a camera. Science, never having been my strong suit, compelled me to reread segments and forced me to concentrate harder than I had in months maybe years. And then it hit me. I had missed my stop. Not by one or two but by 7 or 8. I was so engrossed that the world around me ceased to exist and only that chapter from that book captivated every ounce of my being. This was it. The thing I had been told could happen. Finding my passion. 4 years and a mammoth flight to South Korea later I was shooting my first film. Never finished it but I was doing it, and I still am. Now back on home soil, the UK, I plan to continue my bid for film world domination. Every film a little better than the last, every project another learning experience, every frame another wonderful memory.

Those that know me know that film is my life. I have never had the kind of drive and desire to spend every waking hour doing anything like I do for film. Hopefully it comes through in my work and hopefully I can keep doing what I am doing.